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As a mother of two, I do not exactly remember when we started reading bed time stories to our kids. My elder son at 3, could not read English but he started narrating books as if he was reading it word to word, taking hints from the pictures and his memory of our repeated story telling sessions. Slowly that bed time story reading transformed him into a book lover himself and our house became a mini library for an inquisitive young mind.

It is not an unknown fact that exposure to variety of books increases the knowledge of the kid but I have seen that with the morals and hidden emotions the stories have, a child grows into a better person and sensitive towards other friends and animals around. Not only does it benefit the child but as a parent too, I myself learnt a lot about child psychology and a child’s thought process while reading children stories, fairy tales and other books to them and learnt to be a better parent. It could lead you and him together into discovering the hidden artist within. Creativity is the cutting edge a child can have today to beat the technology driven information boom.

I noticed many of their friends who came to our house, started reading books and developed a hunger for more. This is when I thought of spreading the good reading habit among all other kids. I started collecting more age appropriate books, picking book by book and thus came into existence.

Why should anyone join this ?

littlethinkers carries good quality of books like the “Time Life or ETL Early learning program” series ,The “Read it and Find Out” series , the” I Get It” series , Britannica Early discovery ‘to name a few. The website also has photo gallery for interesting books to get the inner look and feel of the books like font, pictures, general content amount on each page etc thus aiding in selecting books as per children’s liking and age. There will be more & more books added on monthly bases based on books recommended by trusted websites like, etc to name a few.

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